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In the United States, back pain has become public ailment no. 1. For many people, back pain considerably impairs their ability to do and enjoy the things they perform on a daily basis. Massage has proven to be an effective means of preventing back and joint pain. Our selection of massage options will help you live a more relaxed and pain free life.


Our massage therapy services include:

  • Swedish Massage is the foundation for many therapies, its focus is to relax the entire body, ease tense sore spots and increase circulation and mobility while also easing the mind.
  • Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff "trouble spots" in your body. Relieving chronic patterns of tension.
  • Reflexology benefits are holistic - body, mind, and spirit all benefit from stimulating pressure points in the feet. Excellent complement to massage.
  • Performance Enhancement is for the athlete where sports massage techniques are utilized at all stages: pre event, post event, during training and to expedite rehabilitation after injury.
  • Pre & Post Natal Massage is a wonderful way to help the mother to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and increase circulation and mobility that are tailored to a pregnant woman's needs. This blissful session helps mother to feel connected to her body's changes, restoring her mind body connection, and enhancing the connection with her baby.
  • Infant Massage is a wonderful way to incorporate the psycho-social, physical, and emotional benefits for the infant and mother. What a wonderful way for the infant to promote bonding and connection with another.
  • Chair massage  15-20 minutes fully clothed seated massage involving your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.
  • Aromatherapy  Use of essential oils to stimulate , relax and speed up the healing process.



$35 /30 minutes

$55/60 minutes


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